What Are the Benefits of Getting Root Canal Therapy?

root canal

There are many different dental problems, but none of them is as widespread as tooth decay. According to recent studies, a decayed tooth is the most common dental problem due to modern lifestyles. The high consumption of sugar, unhealthy diet, and lack of attention to oral hygiene are some of the reasons for tooth decay. Fortunately, there are many different treatments available to repair a decayed tooth. You can visit our skilled dentists at Sawmill Valley Dental to see which treatment plan is right for you according to our dentist’s recommendations. A tooth filling is the first option that comes to all dentists’ minds. They use dental fillings to repair cavities and restore the decayed tooth in the safest way possible. If you visit your emergency dentist immediately after noticing signs of decay, fillings can be a suitable option. Otherwise, you need more professional treatments like root canal treatment to address your damaged tooth. Unfortunately, many don’t have enough information about how root canal treatment can be an amazing and beneficial procedure. Today’s blog explains the most important benefits of root canal and when you need it.

Prevents further infection: When a tooth gets decayed and infected, it’s necessary to control the infection before it develops. Otherwise, it can spread to other teeth and other parts of your body. It’s important to visit our Mississauga emergency dentist in case you have an infected tooth. An emergency dentist may refer you to an endodontist for a root canal before the infection spreads to other parts of your tooth or body.

Gets done quickly: It’s necessary to save your natural tooth and avoid tooth removal as much as you can. There are many options for replacing severely decayed teeth with bridges, implants, or partial dentures. The fact is nothing can be better than preserving your natural tooth. Furthermore, those restorations take weeks or even months to get done. For instance, implant treatment may even take a year to complete, and you need to be patient. Do you really have enough time for all that? Root canal treatment is quick and can save your tooth under an hour.

Prevents tooth shifting: A decayed tooth can be missing if you don’t treat it at the right time. Your teeth support each other, and a removed or lost tooth can shift other teeth. Shifted teeth can negatively affect your speech and chewing abilities. Therefore, you must spend time and money on costly orthodontic procedures like Invisalign to align your teeth again.

Saves money: While tooth extraction is costly itself, you have to pay for more expensive treatments like partial dentures, implants, or bridges to replace that tooth. Oftentimes, root canal therapy is the most cost-effective option you have.

Saves your natural smile: Root canal treatment can save your smile and keep it natural. Nothing is better than saving your natural teeth. The function, strength, and cosmetic benefits of your natural teeth can’t be compared with any other dental prosthetics.

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