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FAQs Answered by Our Sophisticated Tooth Extraction Dentist

Undeniably, tooth extraction can provide countless benefits for patients and help them have good oral health. However, those recommended to undergo this exceptional treatment come to visit our Mississauga tooth extraction expert with many questions in their mind. Below, we gather a list of the most common questions our patients ask before the tooth extraction procedure to help you learn all you need in this regard.

 Before you sit on the table to get your tooth pulled, you must meet with a dentist first. During this visit, our dentists will evaluate your oral and general health prior to your tooth extraction in Mississauga. They’ll ask you or your other health providers for a patient history so they can consider all possible risks before you get your teeth pulled. This visit may also require getting x-rays. X-rays are not always necessary for diagnosis before the tooth extraction process. However, x-rays can help our Mississauga tooth extraction experts confirm their diagnosis and look at your tooth roots to find the best method for pulling your tooth. After this initial visit, you’ll visit your dentist for the tooth extraction procedure. First, your dentist will give you a shot of local anesthetics to properly numb the area before the procedure begins. For patients with anxiety, you can also ask for nitrous oxide or laughing gas, which will help you feel more at ease during your procedure. Once properly numbed, your dentist will use tools, mostly extraction forceps, to get a firm grip on your tooth and pull it out.

Different techniques and tools are used to remove your teeth while causing minimal trauma for your gums so they can heal quickly. 

Once the tooth has been removed, your dental practitioner will have you bite down on gauze to stop the bleeding. And boom! You’re good to go!

If you need a tooth extraction in Mississauga or any other emergency dental services, contact our office immediately because our reliable dental clinic proudly offers a broad range of high-tech dentistry tools to ensure the whole process of removing damaged teeth goes smoothly.

 At Sawmill Valley Dental, we also provide cosmetic dentistry options, including dental crowns, teeth whitening, and urgent dental services to gift you a perfect smile.

Getting your tooth pulled sounds painful and scary, but you should know it’s not. As mentioned above, using anesthesia to numb the interior parts of your mouth is the initial step to removing injured teeth. That’s why you won’t experience any pain during your treatment. A crucial point that should be considered is that experiencing some pain and bleeding is normal once your anesthesia fades away. But there’s no reason to worry because our Mississauga tooth extraction specialists will provide painkillers and even teach you useful instructions to help you deal with your pain after the procedure.


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Painless Tooth Extraction in Mississauga

Sawmill Valley Dental can be the right place for those who aim to undergo a successful and pain-free tooth extraction in Mississauga. Although all dentists aim to linger on your natural teeth for a lifetime, some severe dental issues or unexpected events make tooth extraction inevitable.

Sawmill Valley Dental will professionally meet your needs by delivering world-class tooth removal services in Mississauga and the surrounding area.


In need of professional tooth extraction in Mississauga? Contact Sawmill Valley Dental Clinic in Mississauga as fast as possible to make an appointment and say goodbye to your unbearable toothaches.

The Cost of Tooth Extraction

You may ask how much tooth extraction is. The tooth extraction cost in Mississauga depends on several factors, such as the number of teeth being extracted, the severity of the case, and the complexity of the dental surgery. However, when you visit our tooth extraction clinic in Mississauga, rest assured that we have made every effort to provide our valued patients with the most affordable dental extraction services. We are here to help you get comprehensive information about the cost of tooth extraction and our teeth extraction services. Even if you want to find a clinic that performs same-day tooth extraction, Sawmill Valley Dental can be the right choice.

Why Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Generally, all professional dentists greatly focus on providing beneficial dental services like dental filling and root canal therapy to save your natural teeth as long as possible and tooth extraction is considered the last line of defense. In better words, the only appropriate solution to cope with badly damaged teeth is tooth extraction. In the following parts, we provide a list of common issues that require quick tooth extraction at our Mississauga clinic:

  • Deep cavities & extremely damaged teeth
  • Severe gum diseases
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Severely fractured or broken teeth
  • Before placing dental implants or dentures
  • For orthodontic procedures

At Sawmill Valley Dental, we are always ready to provide a professional tooth extraction in Mississauga to improve your oral health. We will also use high-quality materials and cutting-edge equipment to replace the space in your jawbone with world-class dental implants. Contact us at 647-250-9692 and schedule your dental appointment at your earliest convenience.

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Insurance Coverage for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is typically considered an emergency dental issue, as it is performed to preserve other natural teeth and safeguard oral health. Fortunately, most insurance plans cover emergency dental procedures, including emergency tooth extraction. However, complex dental extraction services may have different coverage terms.

 To confirm whether your insurance will cover the tooth extraction cost, we recommend our dental extraction consultation in Mississauga and contacting your insurance provider. At Sawmill Valley Dental, our dedicated team accepts all insurance plans, ensuring a comfortable and affordable tooth extraction for all patients. We also take pride in providing a full scope of emergency dental treatments at our dental clinic.  

Possible Risks of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction services carry certain risks and potential complications, including:


After an emergency tooth extraction, infection at the extraction site is possible if bacteria enter the exposed wound. Infection symptoms may accompany pain, swelling, redness, and discharge.




Bleeding is normal after an emergency tooth extraction, but excessive or prolonged bleeding may require medical attention. Patients are typically advised to manage bleeding by applying pressure with a gauze pad over the extraction site.

Dry Socket

This problem potential complication can arise when the blood clot formed after teeth removal becomes dislodged or dissolves prematurely. This can result in intense pain and hinder the natural healing process.

Nerve Damage

This problem may happen during tooth extraction, particularly with emergency wisdom teeth removal. The inferior alveolar nerve may be affected, leading to temporary numbness in the affected area. 

Besides, if you are looking for an equipped tooth extraction clinic to have your wisdom teeth extracted, you can visit us at Sawmill Valley Dental.  

If you experience any of these issues following your tooth removal and replacement, we encourage you to visit our experienced professional tooth extraction dentist in Mississauga for professional assistance. Our professional tooth extraction dentists and oral surgeons prioritize patient safety and take preventive measures to minimize these risks during dental extraction services.



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