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No matter how well we care for our teeth, discoloration is an inevitable disaster waiting to happen to our smile. Here is when our dental team helps you through affordable teeth whitening in Mississauga. As we age, the number of reasons why our teeth might turn green or yellow or brown only increases. Whether it’s the foods and drinks we consume, the medicine we take, or if it’s just a result of growing older and older, our teeth are bound to lose their bright and shiny appearance at a point of our lives and give that place to a yellow, green, brown, or even grey hue. This is why here at Sawmill Valley Dental, our cosmetic dentists strongly recommend our dear patients to get a cosmetic consult before they think of getting  teeth whitening procedure in Mississauga. We might be able to save you a lot of time and money! Nonetheless, this post has been designed to increase your knowledge of teeth whitening and how it’s done. If you’re interested in getting your teeth whitened in Mississauga here at Sawmill Valley Dental, call us and book an appointment as soon as possible!

How to Get Teeth Whitening in Our Mississauga Clinic?

The first solution put in front if any person who is looking to get their teeth whitened is drugstore whitening products. The reason behind that, of course, is because these products are reasonably priced and vastly available, not to mention the fact that you can avoid a dreadful dentist appointment or two by using these kits instead of professional teeth whitening in Mississauga! These products however, don’t always have the best results for your teeth. Many of these products have entered the market without sufficient clinical research behind them. They might be just as effective as their boxes suggest, but they may also be extremely harmful. Our advice here at Sawmill Valley Dental to you is to consult your cosmetic dentist before using any of these products.

Ready for Your Teeth Whitening Journey?

The second method you can brighten your teeth at home is a professional dental whitening kits in our Mississauga clinic. These kits are designed by your dentist for you and your mouth only and you can use them at home to gradually remove deep, stubborn stains. These kits use carbamide peroxide to whiten your teeth and are best for stains resistant to the intensity of in-office teeth bleaching in Mississauga.

Last but not least, we offer in-office teeth whitening in Mississauga as well. This is the most effective and the safest method in which you can brighten your teeth. With professional teeth whitening offered by our Mississauga dentist, you can avoid problems such as gum irritation, tooth sensitivity, and emergency dental problems as you’re under the supervision of a professional dentist. On top of that, a session of professional teeth bleaching in Mississauga here at our Sawmill Valley Dental office can brighten your teeth up to 10 shades! That’s right. Change beyond what you thought was possible. You can also go for dental veneers if teeth whitening is not an effective treatment for you.

If you’re still unsure what kind of teeth whitening in Mississauga best suits your needs, worry no more! All you gotta do is pick up your phone and give us a call and book an appointment!

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