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If you seek world-class orthodontic treatments to get rid of your crooked teeth and achieve a brilliant smile, schedule a time to visit our Mississauga Orthodontist at Sawmill Valley Dental.

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FAQs about Orthodontic Care Answered by Our Professional Orthodontist

Although orthodontic treatment is a long journey to a picture-perfect smile, the outcomes are excellent and permanent. During the initial orthodontic appointments at our Mississauga clinic, people prefer to ask numerous questions about their treatment plans to ensure the best solutions. Below, we answered some frequently asked questions about orthodontics to help you learn more about this exceptional treatment.

No matter how old you are, improving your smile through beneficial orthodontic treatment is available at any age. But the important point to mention is that those who undergo orthodontic treatment at an early age will achieve their desired results sooner than those who postpone their treatments until adulthood. Sawmill Valley Dental is among the well-reputed dental clinics in the area that have provided glorious smiles for countless adult patients through successful orthodontic treatment in Mississauga.


The following items are considered the most important factors that should be considered to determine how long orthodontic treatment takes to help you achieve an impressive smile with a set of healthy, straight, and bright teeth:

  • The condition of your oral health
  • Your age
  • The severity of your orthodontic problems
  • The type of orthodontic treatment

Our Mississauga orthodontic practitioners will use innovative methods and strategies to provide orthodontic treatments and help you avoid all negative consequences and urgent dental conditions. 

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Top-Rated Orthodontist in Mississauga

Sawmill Valley Dental is well-reputed in creating gorgeous smiles for all valued patients by providing various orthodontic treatments in Mississauga and the surrounding area. Here, we proudly work with a professional orthodontic team equipped with state-of-the-art dentistry tools and the latest technology. Our knowledgeable and sophisticated Mississauga Orthodontists will try their best to help you achieve what you absolutely desire.

No matter how old you are, visit us at Sawmill Valley Dental, receive our exceptional orthodontic services in Mississauga, and enjoy your beautiful smile with a set of straight teeth for the rest of your life.

We eagerly wait to take your phone calls and make your orthodontic appointments as soon as possible.

Is Orthodontics Just a Cosmetic Dental Procedure?

There’s a common misconception about orthodontic treatments and many people believe it is a cosmetic dental option to restore only aesthetic aspects of their smile. While having straighter teeth can provide a range of important benefits that can significantly transform many aspects of your life. The following items are just a few benefits of orthodontic care:

Sawmill Valley Dental is a premier dental practice that proudly works with dedicated and experienced dental professionals who are specialized in Invisalign and orthodontic care in Mississauga. Here, we will try our best to ensure you have a healthier and straighter smile for your lifetime.

Our clinic has also established an excellent reputation as a leading Mississauga cosmetic dentistry center. Therefore, let us give you a hand if you need dental veneers, dental implants, dentures, etc.

Your dream smile is just a phone call away!

Highly-Requested Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Once you decide to transform the crooked appearance of your teeth, you should initially make appointments to visit professional orthodontists. This is because they are the only ones who can diagnose the severity of your condition and recommend the best orthodontic treatments to create a perfect smile for you. As our Mississauga orthodontist explains, Invisalign can be the right solution for those who suffer from minor orthodontic issues; traditional dental braces consist of metal brackets and wires that should be attached over severely crooked teeth.

At Sawmill Valley Dental, a wide range of advanced dentistry tools are available to provide all orthodontic services in Mississauga successfully. Call us instantly and make your orthodontic appointments to beautify your smile and regain your proper chewing ability significantly.

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Insurance Coverage for Orthodontic Treatments

Some insurance plans cover orthodontic services, while others do not. To determine if your orthodontic services are covered, consult our Mississauga orthodontist at Sawmill Valley Dental and your insurance provider.

The Process of Dental Orthodontic Services

This cosmetic dental treatment involves multiple stages and procedures. First, schedule an appointment with our Mississauga orthodontist for an examination and goal discussion. Address any emergency dental issue at our emergency dental clinic in Mississauga if necessary. 

 Our orthodontist in Mississauga will provide a customized treatment plan based on X-rays and impressions with recommended appliances and techniques. Braces or aligners will be carefully positioned to move your teeth, and maintenance instructions will be provided. 

Regular appointments will be needed for adjustments and monitoring progress. Once the desired positions are achieved, the active phase ends, and retainers may be recommended. Our orthodontists’ services are one of the most successful and affordable orthodontic treatments in Mississauga. So, do not hesitate to visit our professional orthodontic dental clinic. We also offer professional ortho-dental care for all valued patients. 

The Cost of Orthodontic Treatments

The orthodontic treatment cost depends on factors such as braces’ type, misalignment severity, location, etc. Actual costs may vary. For an accurate cost assessment, consult our highly-trained orthodontist in Mississauga. Our orthodontic dental services can gift you a set of beautiful, straight teeth. We try our best to provide a comprehensive and helpful dental orthodontist consultation

Taking Care of Braces

Proper care is crucial for successful orthodontic treatment. Here are some important suggestions:

Follow the instructions provided by our experienced Mississauga orthodontist, including wearing elastics and adhering to specific care guidelines.

Possible Side Effects of Orthodontics

Dental orthodontics services may have side effects such as discomfort, gum changes, decalcification, tooth sensitivity, irritation, allergic reactions, and root resorption. Not everyone experiences these effects, and the severity varies. Consult our orthodontist in Mississauga for personalized guidance to minimize complications.

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