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Misaligned teeth can cause us many problems. From a sense of dissatisfaction with our own appearance, to bite problems ans speech issues. It’s important to see our orthodontist in Mississauga if you have misaligned teeth to see if it’s necessary for you to get braces or not. Orthodontic braces are a common way to treat your misaligned teeth. Here at Sawmill Valley Dental, our Mississauga orthodontist offers a wide range of orthodontic dental services both for children and adults. So if you’re interested to improve your smile and get the straight teeth of your dreams, or if you’re interested in avoiding or solving functional and health problems that misaligned teeth cause, you should give Sawmill Valley Dental a call! We can book an appointment for you with our orthodontist so you can get the orthodontic consultation in Mississauga you deserve! On top of that, you can find more information regarding orthodontic services in Mississauga and how they can help you below. Stay with us till the end!

Have a Sparkling Smile with Orthodontics in Mississauga

Straightening your teeth and achieving an aesthetically pleasing smile is not the only reason for you to get orthodontic treatments in our Mississauga. Orthodontics, whether fixed or removable, is to straighten teeth, treat overcrowding, close tooth gaps, fix improper bites, and improve your speech. By getting your orthodontic aligners in Mississauga from Sawmill Valley Dental, you can rest assured that you’ll have a beautiful, well-functioning smile in under 30 months! And that 30 months is for complex cases with complicated treatment plans. However, if your case is simple enough, you can expect drastic changes in a matter of 6 months or so. Call us today and book a consult for your orthodontic services in Mississauga today!

Is Orthodontics the Right Treatment for You?

When you first start to get orthodontic treatments in our Mississauga, you’ll meet with our professional orthodontist or cosmetic dentist first for an evaluation of your mouth. This evaluation is used to prepare a treatment plan and find out if you need additional treatments before getting your orthodontic services in Mississauga. For instance, if your teeth are decayed, you’ll need to get them filled before you can get any form of braces or other removable orthodontic aligners. Or, if there’s an overcrowded situation going on in your mouth, you’ll need to get some of your teeth pulled before you can get your orthodontic journey in Mississauga started.

After this initial visit with your orthodontist, you can start your treatment. As you know, the most common form of orthodontics services is braces. Braces consist of brackets made of metal, ceramic, or a clear material. These brackets are cemented onto your teeth before an arch wire is pushed through them to get them connected. Through these brackets and wire, your orthodontist in Mississauga will apply a gentle, continuous pressure onto your teeth to gradually push them into their ideal position.

If you’re interested to know more about braces or other dental services such as implants, tooth extraction, and root canal therapy, or if you’d like to get your orthodontic treatment in Mississauga started already, give us at Sawmill Valley Dental a call today!

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