Orthodontics, a Way to Guarantee Your Teeth Health


Have you ever done orthodontics in your life? Orthodontics is a dental service widely used to fix crooked teeth, set the gap among distant or impacted teeth, and help correct the upper and lower jaw position. When the gap between your teeth is not right, the teeth trap food and germs. Consequently, dental floss and other routine dental care activities could be more practical to protect your dental health.

In such conditions, your teeth have more potential to have tooth decay. The cavities have harmful effects on gums. Therefore, misaligned teeth will cause many other dental illnesses. At Sawmill Valley Dental Clinic in Mississauga, we have a professional team of dentists and dental specialists who can help you with your orthodontic matters. Contact us to book your appointment today.

In this blog, we answer some common questions about orthodontic services and will provide you with new information you may find helpful.

Is Orthodontics a Cosmetic Service?

Since orthodontics greatly impacts your smile, it can be classified as one of the cosmetic dental services in Mississauga and an orthodontist specialist is a kind of cosmetic dentist.

As a person gets older, s/he loses the baby teeth, and the position of teeth changes. Bigger and more resistant teeth come out of gum and generally form the face and jaws of an adult person. At the age of 17 or further, wisdom teeth increase the possibility of crooked and damaged teeth. As a result of pain and pressure, you may visit a dentist. The dentist will recognize if doing an orthodontic or tooth extraction is necessary.

Is Tooth Extraction Necessary for Doing Orthodontic Services?

The above question is one of the common questions that patients ask their orthodontist. The answer to the question depends on the patient’s condition. People with small faces, jaws, and severe, crowded teeth have no room for all teeth. So there is no way to put more pressure on teeth by using braces. Here the dentist decides which tooth should be extracted for the best result. Mostly wisdom teeth are the best choice in such cases. Generally, dentist do their best to save as many teeth as possible.

Will The Orthodontic Braces Damage My Teeth?

After you do orthodontics, little pain, inflammation, and pressure are very normal, and you can be sure it won’t damage your teeth. The braces and the special glue used in orthodontics will never hurt your dental health or cause emergency dental issues, although your teeth need special care. The oral environment is more suitable for tooth decay and gum disease. You can buy toothbrushes and dental floss specially designed for orthotic teeth health.

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Things to Do After Orthodontic Treatment

While the braces are meant to increase oral health, they increase the risk of cavities. Here are some tips to prevent dental disease related to installing braces on teeth.

  1. Brush your teeth after each meal
  2. Use dental floss and mouthwash regularly
  3. Visit your dentist on the appointed day
  4. Have a special diet and try to avoid eating or drinking foods that increase the risk of tooth decay

What Is the Difference Between a General Dentist and an Orthodontist?

Both general dentists and orthodontists are working to take care of oral health. Some general dentists have proficiency in orthodontic services too. Orthodontic specialists are solely trained for crooked teeth and bite issues (over-bite and under-bite).

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