Important Signs That You Are a Good Candidate for Oral Surgery

Important Signs That You Are a Good Candidate for Oral Surgery

An attractive smile is one of the crucial things that charming people have in common. Therefore, you must take good care of your oral health and even search for ways to perfect your smile. Fortunately, there are many different dental treatments available for a variety of needs. It’s almost impossible to face a dental issue that can’t be solved by a skilled, experienced dentist. Our professionals at Sawmill Valley Dental Clinic in Mississauga are one of the best experts to visit to fix a dental problem or lessen the risk of oral issues. Among all the different treatments, oral surgery may be the most difficult one, and most patients want to avoid it as much as possible. In some cases, oral surgery is the only option to restore oral health, so it’s unavoidable and has no other alternatives. Typically, some common signs are showing dental surgery is needed that are painfully obvious. These signs cause specific conditions that give you no other options but to visit a dentist immediately. The sooner you visit your dentist, the less complicated the treatment process will be. Here we list common signs that may indicate the need for oral surgery.

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Impacted tooth

One of the most common reasons that you may need oral surgery is an impacted wisdom tooth. In most cases, wisdom teeth must be immediately extracted to prevent further dental issues. People who avoid wisdom tooth removal face problems like tooth misalignment, dental infection, periodontal disease, etc. These conditions cost you additional expensive treatments, which explains why tooth removal is a wise decision when a tooth is impacted. If you feel inordinate pain in the back of your mouth, it’s better to visit your dentist.


One of the most dangerous oral problems is a dental infection which should be immediately managed by a professional dentist. Oral infection is considered a life-threatening dental emergency that can even spread into your jaw, neck, and face if you delay visiting your dentist. Your oral surgeon can cut the infected areas to remove and drain the infection. In more severe cases, tooth extraction is needed, but fortunately, implant dentistry makes it possible to replace the lost tooth in the best way possible.

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Loose tooth

It’s not normal to find one of your teeth is loose. It’s not recommended to ignore your loose tooth, and visiting your dentist is necessary. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry provides many different options to replace a missing tooth. So, you can choose dental implants, partial dentures, or bridges if the loose tooth can’t be saved.

Jaw misalignment

If you suffer from underbite or overbite, you have to visit your dentist or a reliable orthodontist immediately. Some cases can be fixed with orthodontic appliances like braces. Otherwise, oral surgery is essential to align your jaw and balance your mouth movements.

Generally speaking, some signs can’t be ignored and simply indicate how serious your condition is. If you experience a high level of gum bleeding or have damaged your teeth recently, a consultation with an oral surgeon is what you really need.

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