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FAQs about Dentures Answered by our Professional Denturist

As we all know, dentures have been among the most popular restorative and cosmetic dental solution to replace missing teeth for a long time. However, modern dentistry provides several other tooth replacement options like nowadays, and many people still prefer to get dentures. Here, we have gathered some of the most important questions our patients frequently ask before getting our cutting-edge dentures in Mississauga.

Since dentures wear out over time due to the chewing process, you need to replace them with a new one from time to time and keep them working properly for a longer time. If you practice proper oral hygiene to care for your dentures, they will last more than a decade. At Sawmill Valley Dental, we use top-quality materials to create well-designed dentures. Our Mississauga denture providers will teach you some useful tips to increase your dentures’ life span.

You will take a range of precious benefits if you instantly replace your lost teeth with dentures. In the following parts, we list a few important benefits of dentures:

  • Dentures can make positive enhancements to your smile
  • Dentures can support your facial structures and help you look younger than your real age
  • Your self-confidence gets a real boost after wearing dentures
  • Your chewing ability significantly improves

You can achieve all mentioned benefits if you make a phone call to visit our cosmetic dental practitioner and receive world-class denture services in Mississauga.

The Most Comfortable Dentures in Mississauga

Sawmill Valley Dental is the right place to go if you’re looking for top-quality dentures in Mississauga. Our team of Mississauga denture dentists has years and years of experience behind their backs in providing our dear patients with comfortable dentures that look and feel just like real teeth.

On top of that, we offer denture consults to help you determine if you qualify for dentures and what kind of dentures best suit your needs.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and book your appointment to visit us at Sawmill Valley Dental if you’d like to get straight to the business and talk to a real denture dentist in Mississauga.

Various Types of Dentures

Dentures are generally divided into two major categories: complete and partial. Partial dentures are also called dental bridges. A set of complete dentures is for people who are missing all their teeth in one or both jaws. However, if one or more healthy teeth are in your mouth and you intend to keep them, partial dentures or dental bridges are the right answer.

Complete dentures in our Mississauga clinic can either be immediate or conventional. Immediate dentures are designed to prevent lost teeth for patients who are getting their dentures. They are prepared before the teeth are removed and ready to be installed as soon as the teeth are removed. After tooth extraction, your gums and bones will shrink as they’re healing. This will make your immediate dentures loose-fitting after a while. This is the time to get these dentures replaced with conventional dentures. Our Mississauga denturists will help you restore your healthy smile with no complications.


Why Choosing Dentures for Replacing Missing Teeth?

As discussed previously, dentures are a set of artificial teeth attached to a plastic framework that resembles the texture of our gums. Dentures can be complete or partial, meaning you can get dentures whether you have lost some of the teeth in your jaw or all. We’ll review the different types of dentures shortly.

But first, let’s see what do you need to qualify for dentures? In short, not much. To get dentures in our Mississauga clinic, you should have healthy gums. Your denture dentist will run a health check on your remaining teeth (if any) and gums. If they are declared healthy enough, you can get your dentures.

Although dental implants are excellent for replacing missing teeth, dentures still have many advantages to offer. You can have a free consultation with our denture specialists in Mississauga and make sure this is the right treatment for you.

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