Dental Crowns: Are There Any Other Alternatives?

dental crown

Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry has been significantly improved and offers a wide range of beneficial procedures. You have different options to choose tailored to your needs to enhance your smile and overall appearance and become a more confident person. Regardless of the problem you are dealing with, cosmetic dental specialists can provide you with a suitable treatment plan to regain the shine or beauty of your smile. Our experienced team of cosmetic dentists at Sawmill Valley Dental Clinic in Mississauga is ready to aid you in the most effective ways possible to reach your ideal goals and desires. Among all available options, crowns are one of the most popular ones that cover the whole structure of your teeth to improve their looks and protect them more efficiently. Dentists use cosmetic crowns for different purposes, such as repairing chipped, broken, and cracked teeth, protecting vulnerable teeth, etc. But is everyone a good candidate to get crowns? Are crowns suitable for all patients? The answer is definitely no! Fortunately, there are other alternatives for crowns you can choose to solve your problem. Find out more about alternative crowns by reading this blog.

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  1. You have aesthetic purposes.

If you want to get a dental crown in order to have a more attractive smile, you have many different options available. You need to enter the realm of cosmetic dentistry to see how many selections you have instead of crowns. These options are:

  • Composite veneers:

    If you want to simply hide your tooth imperfections, dental veneers in Mississauga are also a great choice. These thin shells have the same shade as your real teeth, and nobody can distinguish them from your other natural teeth.

  • Teeth whitening:

    If you want to get a dental crown because your teeth are stained, you can try professional teeth whitening During this method, your dentist removes all stains and makes your discolored teeth white and pearly again.

  • Braces:

    Some patients consider crowns because their teeth are misaligned. Although crowns can make your teeth look perceptions straight, orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign are a wider choice. You can visit our orthodontists in Mississauga to see which way is better.

  1. You have restorative purposes.

If your main goal is to protect your weak and vulnerable teeth, you should consider restorative alternatives for crowns.

  • Fillings:

    The most cost-effective option you can choose instead of crowns is a filling. However, it’s not a long-term solution and isn’t that effective in severe dental emergencies like extended decay. The larger a dental filling is, the more likely further problems are to occur.

  • Full coverage fillings:

    It’s a good option when you have undergone root canal treatment but can’t get dental crowns in Mississauga to protect your recently treated tooth.

  • Extraction:

    Although it’s not reasonable at all, you can extract the damaged tooth and replace it with a titanium implant or partial denture Yet, no dentist would recommend tooth removal when there is a chance to preserve your natural tooth.

If you don’t know what your purpose is or how you prefer to enhance your smile, visit our dentists for a detailed consultation. They can guide you to choose the best treatment plan.

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